Who we are

What if you got $1 billion?
What if you could stop the time?
What if you were Avatar?

What have you answered? I am sorry to tell you that there is no model answer. Thousands of different answers can be listed out, all of them are great imagination. Imagination is unlimited, unrestricted. Scientist needs imagination, artist needs imagination. We all need imagination to create something creative!

IF Studio is a creative design house consists of local artists and engineers. We specialize in catching pieces of imagination and develop them into possible creations. IF studio connects art and commercial in form of digital products base on advanced Adobe flash technology. On one hand, enriching the user experience in using digital media, on the other hand, strengthening the corporate identities with great marketing strategy. Our services included web design, flash web site, flash banner design, online marketing, web development, branding and graphic design.

We know that everyone has great imagination? Do not waste them, we are delighted to communicate with you to implement your brilliant ideas into infinite fascination.

What if you wanted to try something new? What if you kept on staring at your monitor? What if you moved your start your project from here?